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Generic Valium (Diazepam) and breastfeeding

Generic Valium is used mostly for treatment anxiety. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are special conditions and taking of this medication should be consulted with a doctor.
Generic Valium is metabolized to the temazepam and nordiazepam active metabolites, which are metabolized to the oxazepam active metabolite.
Three patients were using generic Valium (Diazepam) in the dosage 10 mg three times daily for the six days after delivery. After four days an average milk levels of Valium and Nordiazepam reached 79 mcg/L. In six days this level raised to and 130 mcg/L.
Four women were using generic Valium in dosage 10 mg for 6 days, beginning three days postpartum. Each woman had additionally received intravenous Valium in dosage 20 mg right prior to delivery.
Levels of milk were taken 9.25 and 23.5 hours after every dose from three to nine days postpartum. Levels of milk of generic Valium and Nordiazepam were not markedly different between the times of collections and ranged from 19 to 52 mcg/L for Nordiazepam and from 17 to 39 mcg/L for generic Valium.
There were also found levels of breastmilk from 27 to 164 mcg/L of generic Valium and Nordiazepam at different times between nine days and three and a half months after delivery in dosage 6-10 mg a day of generic Valium per a woman.

A woman who had been abusing generic Valium (Diazepam) was consuming it during study in dosage 80 mg and Oxazepam 30 mg a day. Milk samples were taken and before and after the breastfeeding in the morning following the morning dose of generic Valium during a 30-day dosage regimen. The average milk levels of the pre/postfeeding generic Valium were 185 and 307 mcg/L and average Nordiazepam -124 and 141 mcg/L on 14-th and 15-th days during maternal intake of generic Valium 40 mg daily.

The average milk levels of the pre/postfeeding generic Valium were 200 and 158 mcg/L and average Nordiazepam - 140 and 85 mcg/L on 23-th and 25-th days during maternal intake of generic Valium (Diazepa) 30 mg a day.
Generic Valium (Diazepam) is excreted into breastmilk. It is not really recommended to use this medication while you are breastfeeding. There is a possibility to buy Valium no prescription. To do so you just need to buy Valium online. If fact, you can order cheap Valium online.
But if you are breastfeeding you should always consult with your doctor about taking this medication and discuss possible risk for you and your baby.
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